Starsailor-The Best New Band In Britain.
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The Best Starsailor site around!!
Simply because your here must mean that you have some common sense, and you realise that Starsailor are the best thing to hit this country in years. This is my little tribute to James and co. but the best thing you can do is go out and listen to the music.
Latest News
First Day Sales showed number 7, but Good Souls only charted at number 12. Not bad though, for a 2nd single.
Starsailor at down in Welsh Wales recording what wiil be the best debut album since "Definitely Maybe". So there shouldn't be much news around for a bit.
We Need You!!!
The only way this is gonna work is if You contribute to it!
I'd love to here your favourite tracks, how you got into Starsailor, or any bits of stuff to lighten up my dull existance.
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E-Mail Me Your Top Starsailor Songs!!
I'm always interested in hearing what it is people like about Starsailor, what first made you sit up listen to them instead of Travis or somebody?
Also specific songs are also interseting, perhaps there is even a Starsailor song you really hate!
Just let me know via e-mail and I'll collate your comments into some kind of survey and put them on the page.

Your Daddy Was An Alcoholic
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